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                                   Allegro Women's Club
                                                               On Key Allegro Island in the city of Rockport Texas

APRIL 9  meet at Allegro House at 10:15,
for a short meeting (election of officers for next year)
followed by car pool travel to Schoenstat nunnery across the bridge
Meeting Starts at 11 o'clock

Lunch after the meeting at Pop's
Both the nunnery and Pops deserve a count
so call if you can come, Betsy at 1-214-808-5050

                             Officers for 2015-2016
                     Nominations to be voted on April 9
President - Joanna Schmermund
1st V, President -Helen Wing
2nd V. President- Judy Herndon
                           - Diane Rome
Secretary- Anne Lockwood
Treasurer- Romona LaBlanc

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With the first meeting of the club held in 1969, the history of the Allegro Women's Club is closely intertwined with that of the island.  The club has been continuously active in fund raising primarily with its Rummage Sale typically held in January or February at the Allegro House.  The club is non-profit and uses its earnings to support such endeavors as several scholarships for graduating high school students, the local volunteer fire departments, EMS, and the library.  The recipients and the amounts of contributions are determined annually by the  Board of Directors.

Actually, the Rummage Sale has a second important purpose.  Given the tendency of Key Allegro home owners to overshop and overbuy, it is essential to clean out once a year.  Some backsliding occurs when we stoop to buying other people's discards, but in a year or two most of those purchases come back to be re-sold.

In the recent past most meeting were held at the Rockport Country Club but in we find that members prefer to meet at the Allegro House, 29 Mazatlan.  By Rockport standards this is a "dress event." For those who are new to Rockport we must explain that this simply means that blue jeans are not appropriate.  Most other meeting will be held at the Allegro where the lunch will be catered.  If you want to come and join us we'd like to have your name in advance so we can make you a name tag.  Without name tags we are all apt to forget who we are.  See the Membership and Meetings page for more information. 

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