Key Allegro Garden Club
  On Key Allegro Island in the city of Rockport Texas


Key Allegro is basically a sandbar whose development is about 35 years old.  Those who long for large native oak trees often move from the island to other areas of Rockport.  This club is for those who love the water that surrounds us and want to share tips as to which plants will and won't survive our environment, and what can be done to help them survive. Membership in the club is limited to women currently living on the island and those who have previously lived here.

Serious gardeners are referred to the following web site, they are our greatest information resource.

One specific project of the Key Allegro Garden Club is the selection of a "Yard of the Month" for each of the nine months, September-May.  See the Yard of the Month page, or local newspaper, for specifics.

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Newsletter Sept 2014

Garden Club Newsletter 2014-15

WORDS from president Patty Chapman.....

Monday February 16;  Carolyn Benardy will perform her miracles at the annual White Elephant Fund Raiser!  We put out a lot of money to repair and replace the Christmas lights, and now we need to replenish our coffers for what ever happens next on our lovely isle.   Caroline says the most welcome items are various kinds of baked foods.  Think in  terms of gifts you have received that you can't use and unopened bottles of alchoholic beverage. You know what to bring, something you would like to have yourself or give to your kids.

Also, be sure to bring some green as in MONEY!

Monday March 16;  our planned program (Betsy Armstrong: Emergency Table Decorations), may be trumped by a presentation by Dave Foster, the Homeowners Board member in charge of beautification of Key Allegro.

April 26. SATURDAY: Festival of Flowers in Art, Student Art Entries:  Students enter the competition at no cost so we welcome donations to cover their prizes.  The Pearsons, Susan Wax, and Nancy Callen have each donated $25 so we have in hand $75 of the $150 we need. 
Directory Corrections: Betsy Armstrong phone 214-808-5050
Kim Ulrich phone: 361-237-554

Festival of Flowers in Art
 (scheduled for April 26)
planning Meeting #3, Wednesday Feb 25
10:00 a.m.; Allegro House
All officers and board members
are welcome to attend.



A. To help develop and enhance the island's landscaped common areas.

  B. To educate our members on topics concerning the health of the island's natural environment.

C. To promote protection of native plants, trees, and birds.

D. To foster a welcoming atmosphere for our members.

Palm Trees

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